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What Horizon Does?

1. A Single Platform for Desktops and Applications

2. Secures Data and Simplifies Compliance

3. Dramatically Improves ROI

4. Simplifies Desktop and Application Management

5. Supports a Rich, Adaptive User Experience

6.7 Top Five Reasons

1. Simplify vCenter Server Architecture with embedded Platform Services Controller (PSC)

2. Gain 2-3x increased performance and scale with vCenter Server Appliance

3. Experience 6X faster app performance with vSphere Persistent Memory

4. Secure data with VM Encryption and VMware vSphere Encrypted vMotion

5. Accelerate patching and upgrades with Single Reboot Upgrade and vSphere Quick Boot

Horizon Is Available In The Following Editions

Simple, powerful VDI with great user experience.

Cost-effective delivery of desktops and applications through a unified workspace.

Desktop and application delivery with closed-loop management and automation.

Powerful app virtualization with just-in-time management.

VMware Horizon and Windows 10

The majority of organizations feel compelled to migrate sooner rather than later due to the eventual obsolescence of Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as the free upgrade to Windows 10.

With VMware Horizon solutions, OS upgrades can become a non-issue. Instead of managing hundreds of images, virtual desktops and applications from VMware allow you to use one base Windows 10 image for thousands of users, anywhere, on any device.

Virtualization enables you to streamline the process of deploying patches and updates by centrally delivering, managing, and updating the OS. You no longer need to rely on end users to do updates or have users shut down, reboot, or even wait for their machines to update. By virtualizing Windows 10, users get updates fast and you don’t need to manually update each device.

VMware Horizon 7

Horizon 7 is a complete solution that delivers, manages, and protects virtual desktops, RDSH-published desktops, and applications across devices and locations. From provisioning to management and monitoring, Horizon 7 offers an integrated stack of enterprise-class technologies that can deploy hundreds of customized desktops and RDSH servers from centralized single images.

VMware Workspace ONE

Provide employees with easy, secure access to business applications with Workspace ONE productivity apps for catalog, email, calendar, contacts, browsing, content, and more. Workspace ONE Boxer provides a better-than-native email experience and improves employee productivity with Workspace ONE mobile flows. Employees get context-based actions and notifications so they can complete tasks across backend business systems without leaving the app. Simple access to cloud, web, mobile, Windows, and Mac apps.

Pioneering Digital Transformation with Samsung and VMware

Together, VMware and Samsung empower employees on Samsung devices with VMware Workspace ONE, powered by VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management (UEM) technology and VMware Horizon. The combination unifies the experience across all devices, allowing IT to configure Samsung mobile devices with work-critical resources and multilayered security.


vGPU technology enables every virtual machine (VM) to get GPU performance just like a physical desktop. Work that was previously done by the CPU is now offloaded to the GPU, providing users with a better experience. Amp up the power of your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment and deliver a superior experience to every user, for any application and device.

VMware Horizon JMP (Just-in-Time Management Platform)

JMP Technologies (pronounced jump) offers an alternative to managing per virtual machine. JMP decouples each aspect of a desktop to allow it to be managed on a per-user or per-group basis. You create an assignment that defines which elements to use from all three products: View in Horizon 7, App Volumes, and User Environment Manager.

VMware App Volumes

App Volumes is a real-time application delivery system Powerful Application and User Management. App Volumes makes it easy to deliver, update, manage and monitor applications and users across virtual desktop (VDI) and published application environments. Lower IT Costs without Impacting Users. App Volumes delivers a customizable and persistent user experience across desktop sessions

VMware User Environment Manager (UEM)

User Environment Manager provides end users with a personalized and dynamic Windows desktop based on their role, device, and location. User Environment Manager is a cost-effective solution that requires minimal infrastructure. User Environment Manager can support more than 100,000 users. UEM is a component of VMware's Just-in-Time Management Platform.

VMware Instant Clone Technology

Instant Clone Technology is significantly faster than View Composer linked-clone. Instant cloning makes desktop and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server patching a cinch. A clone is automatically deleted when the user logs out, and a new clone is created using the latest master image. There’s no more refresh, recompose and rebalance—and no more View Composer server and database!