VMware Proof of Concept (POC)

ITSA offers the following three POC options. We can deploy VMware vSphere ESXi DataCenter,
VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or both quickly and affordably.

Option 1
Proof of Concept
CLIENT-side Equipment

  • CLIENT Servers

  • CLIENT Storages

  • CLIENT Networks

  • CLIENT End-Points
Option 2
Demo and Test Out
ITSA-side Equipment

  • ITSA Servers

  • ITSA Storages

  • ITSA Networks

  • ITSA End-Points
Option 3
Real-Time Demo
MEETING-room Presentation

  • ITSA Brokers



  • ITSA Thin-Zero

VMware Boot-Camp 

(Coming soon!)

ITSA offers a complete, affordable and effective alternative to VMware vSphere ESXi or Horizon VDI Install, Configure, Manage - FastTrack. Join this real life scenarios 100% hands-on labs. Do you need to ramp up on VMware quickly and efficiently? Well! Assuming no prior virtualization experience, this Boot-Camp starts with the basics and rapidly progresses to advanced topics.

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VMware Nested Lab 


ITSA offers a Nested Virtualization vSphere or Horizon VDI LABs. This is where you are running a virtual ESXi hypervisor, vCenter and desktop infrastructure on top of a physical hypervisor. "Pay per day Online" for 24hr. ITSA labs can simulate virtually a real-world experience or replicate any business virtual environment.

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VMware Consulting 

(Remote / On-Site)

With many years of experience ITSA Consulting have helped many companies with their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. This includes assistance with implementation, managing, maintaining, supporting, and troubleshooting. Here is an Official ITSA Infrastructure Design Example:


Case Study

VMware Global Virtualization Services

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VMware On-Site/Remote Virtualization Services

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